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Pilates Online Kickstarter Week has ended.

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For 5 days every day, I’ll be sharing with you my top tips (and my best tricks) on how to work every muscle in your body, the right way.  You will learn how to activate muscles you have long forgotten exist (e.g those deep low abs muscles, your bum, arms and more) and to exercise in an intelligent way: learn – understand – isolate- strengthen.

Whether you are feeling stiff and ‘old’ and looking to improve your flexibility, to learn how to erase nagging back pain, or to sculpt and tone up, my goal is to help you stop wasting time and energy on endless repetitions and to teach you how to work WITH your body effectively and safely for once and for all. 

It’s time to feel how exercise can give you back your energy and to experience how a personal Pilates trainer can support you and get you motivated, committed and stronger by the day.

The challenge is  FREE but I want you to come committed to transform the way you think and to change the way you have worked your body until now, to put in the daily work (about 15-20 min a day, for a week) and learn how to reconnect with your body and rediscover your strength.

Let’s do it together!

Liron Kass

Pilates instructor

Why join the Online Pilates kickstarter week?

Motivation and commitment

You will get access to a closed secret Facebook group for all registered participants.  You will be part of a group doing the exercises daily and checking in to report when they have finished – a great boost for motivation and potentially a place to find a partner to exercise with (or get your friends to sign up with you). 

Individual feedback, modifications and support

You will be able to ask questions and  get individual feedback and exercise modifications to your specific body concerns. I will be participating and commenting  in the group on how to modify and perform specific moves and exercises. 

Daily workouts, lessons and challenges

5 days of hands on Pilates instruction, daily mini workouts and lessons to improve your technique, learn to activate your body and get better results quickly. You will learn how to avoid endless worthless repetitions and focus on targeting and sculpting, strengthen your body, improve flexibility and eliminate random aches and pains (the back, the neck, feeling stiff and ‘old’).

It’s Pilates based, but what you will learn about your body can be used everyday!  Improve  your posture, eradicate back pain, improve your running or work out smarter at the gym. 

Your Pilates teacher


The Pilates Kickstart week is led by Liron Kass, a certified Pilates Instructor by Stott Pilates (Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Barrels), Total Barre Instructor, Garuda Mat Instructor, and a former Ballet and contemporary Dancer. Liron Holds specializations in Post Natal and Pre Natal as well as in Pilates for Injuries and special populations.

What would one week do for you?



Not feeling like going out to a class when it’s cold and dark outside? Why not learn some exercise routines you can do from home, any time (early morning before work, late at night after the kids are asleep, or while the baby has his morning nap). No need for a baby sitter or any special equipment – all you need is a screen in front you (mobile, computer or a smart tv set connected to the internet).  Do it by yourself or sign up with a friend for extra motivation.



leverage that extra motivation of being part of a group, going through the same challenges as you, at the same time. Get individual access to a professional instructor. Ask any question or share a challenge you are facing and get feedback and performance tweaks in a safe, supportive environment. Too shy to share? Send it to me privately and I will comment directly to you.



Appropriate for those just starting out or for the more advanced . This is really not about Pilates. It’s about moving your body in a smart way and leveraging what you learn to help you avoid injury and pain and support you in getting your body working with you, doing whatever you find enjoyable. This is your opportunity to really perfect some key moves and learn how to do them right. 



There is no jumping, grunting, striving or punishing your body. If anything you will very quickly start to feel your body feeling more stretched and limber and you might notice everyday aches and pains have disappeared. The routines are fun and painless so you are more likely to persevere. There is nothing to lose by joining and everything to win.



Just in time for winter: replace the winter blues with a support system and a boost of energy and motivation. Kickstart this winter the right way and come out flourishing in Spring, with all the knowledge you need to become leaner, stronger, pain free and happier in 2019.



Free, no money, gratis, no-tie ins, nothing. We make no mystery of doing this Kickstarter to show you how much fun you could have in our online Restart program, but there is absolutely no pressure to sign up!

Online Pilates Kickstarter Week Has Ended

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